Field edit in AGOL Deleted Data Collected in Collector?

01-08-2020 11:58 AM
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sercap‌  RCAPCollector for ArcGIS


Data vanished while working in "connected/live environment" in Collector. 

Logged into AGOL with the same user login credentials as Collector field changes were made to one feature class in the AGOL map, while Collector was open with the same map.  After the field changes were made/saved in AGOL map.  The data was still in Collector at this point when the AGOL environment was saved and closed.  However, when exiting Collector and reopening AGOL the data was gone, nor was it in Collector when I reopened the map in Collector.

We tried pulling the dbase off the Ios device to run the Runtime Geodatabase tool however, there is nothing to pull off, as we weren't working in a disconnected environment.   

Any idea why a field edit in AGOL would corrupt Collector?

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