Feature Templates with Related Tables in Collector for ArcGIS

03-12-2015 07:12 AM
New Contributor III

I am looking to set up feature edit templates for an upcoming manhole inspection project.  I have a handful of different consultant teams, working under different projects inspecting our manholes using the same "inspection form".  This inspection form is a related table to the manhole feature class, and I would like to set up different feature templates for each team to auto populate several fields including project name, project I.D., company , etc.  I am not aware of how to accomplish this using related tables or if it is even possible at this time.  Any help, direction, ideas, or guidance is very much appreciated. The manhole and inspection from table is coming from our ArcGIS Server at 10.2.2 and we are utilizing ArcGIS online and Collector for Arcgis.

Thanks in advance,


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