Failed to Submit 2 Attachments [ANDROID][Zeno20]

05-31-2018 08:57 AM
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We have a new Leica Zeno 20 High Accuracy data collector and its running into some issues with the latest version of the collector android application.

Here is what happens:

When I submit the feature with 1 photo attachment, I get a error saying :

2 attachments failed to upload and the retry button will not work. This causes it to submit the feature without the attachment.However when I edit the feature after submitting, I can add the attachment.   

Sometimes the first feature will submit successfully, but after the error is persistent.

I have attached a picture of the error

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Yes - we are experiencing the same. We are using Android Galaxy mobile phones and cuurent Collector app, taking up to 15 photos per point. When posting the point, it says 'nn' items failed - which keeps changing on each retry. But, in the back in the office, it appears the attachments were posted successfully after all.

We have Push updates only, using online rather than offline use. We are in a city urban area with good 3G/4G, but inside buildings. Phone calls are fine though.

I am considering making it local but have not had experience with this yet. If we do - the maps and data are presumably all stored on the phone which may/may not have enough storage.


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Hi Andy,

That is strange but at least your attachments sync, even though you see a error

I don't think online vs offline map will change your outcome, but its worth a try. 

I have a bug (BUG-000114753) logged with ESRI support for this issue. It seems to be a global ID issue.

The solution has not been implemented yet and the unfortunate workaround is to edit the point and add the attachment after collecting the GPS location.


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