Failed to Load - Error 3079 - Domain Already Exists

12-17-2021 09:46 AM
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I created two maps for my field crew to view their road signs.  

I have a hosted feature layer containing the road sign point layer with a related table of sign inspections.  (1 to Many)

I've also created a Join Layer which joins the most recent inspection to the sign (one to one).


I've added both to the collector map.  The sign layer simply displays the signs and includes a custom url in the popup to launch survey123 for the inspection. 

The join layer symbolizes the inspection status (orange dot if it needs to be inspected, blue dot if it has been inspection)


Works fine in ArcOnline, but when I try to load the maps in collector or download an offline area, I get the 3079 Error - Domain Already Exists.  Well of course it already exists, I'm using a join layer.  


I also tried removing the join layer, so it's only the sign layer.  The error still occurs.

How do I work around this?

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