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Esri_Anonymous Last Editor

11-04-2019 09:18 AM
New Contributor

I have a Project Boundary layer and a Inspection Point layer. They have a relate that is Projects_with_Inspections.

These layers are part of a collector app. The field crew goes out clicks on the project boundary they are adding an inspection too and selects 'add inspection point'. It auto populates the Project ID from this (the linking field) and they fill out their inspection information. The only problem is recently in editor tracking the last editor has been showing up as esri_anonymous. However we just did a test over here in IT with the Coordinators phone who was most certainly logged into Portal correctly and his added point still showed up as anonymous. 

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Logged into Collector but is your app being accessed from ArcGIS Online.

Are you logging direct into portal via your enterprise firewall?

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