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EOS Arrow Gold RTK with Collector

06-02-2017 03:24 AM
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I am currently trying to survey in Israel with my new EOS Arrow Gold RTK, which allows for sub-cm accuracy and can be used in place of the native iOS/Android GPS sensors. Collector is what the manufacturer recommends as a datalogger, and it seems to be an ideal solution.

Here's a short explanation of my needs and issues. I need to collect my points natively in Israel Transverse Mercator (Israel_TM_Grid ID: 2039) at cm accuracy. My RTK network provider here in Israel receives corrections in WGS 1984, and my RTK device is receiving the network corrections properly and getting the required accuracy.

So, I set up a location profile in Collector on an iPad to transform from WGS 1984 to Israel TM, using WGS_1984_To_Israel_Coordframe. I published a map and feature class on ArcGIS Online in Israel TM, using my own orthophoto (which is projected in Israel TM) as a basemap, but each time I try to open the map to take a point I get an error saying that the location profile does not match the map (but it does!). I've tried different combinations of transformations, remade and republished the map, and I'm not able to collect points in Israel TM.

Basically, my needs are quite simple: I need be able to collect x, y, and z coordinates in Israel TM. WGS84 lat long won't work for my purposes, for a silly long-winded reason that's not relevant. I'd greatly appreciate any help you can provide, as this beautiful $8,000 device is pretty useless to me without this functionality.


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Hi Adam,

Thank you for the detailed explanation of the issue. Would you be able to share your webmap/feature service with us to test? If so, please create a group (or use an existing one) with the webmap/feature service and then add the Collector4ArcGIS user into that group. We can then sign into Collector and test on our end to try and further narrow the problem down.

As a quick question though, when you're creating the location profile in Collector and defining the datums, they aren't getting mixed up and choosing a Projected Coordinate System instead of a Geographic Coordinate System or vice-versa. Is that correct? i.e. if the webmap is using a GCS the location profile is also using a GCS and not PCS?



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