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EOS Arrow 100 location profile in Collector

10-31-2018 07:27 PM
New Contributor

Hi, I have a question about location profile in Collector settings when the iOS device is paired with EOS Arrow 100. I read from the user manual of Arrow 100 that a location profile should be created to enable the datum transformation. Thus I created one with the GNSS receiver coordinate system as GCS ITRF 2008, and the map coordinate system as GCS WGS 1984 as I am using the imagery from ArcGIS online basemap. This location profile is apparently working with accuracy to be about 30cm. However, I also found that with the "default" location profile, I got pretty much the same GPS location and same accuracy. My current collector version is 18.0.2. Just wondering if this means I don't need to create any location file? Though I read from the following link that I do have to.#collector_for_arcgis

High-accuracy receivers—Collector for ArcGIS | ArcGIS 

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