Editing/deleting related table records from ArcCollector in ArcGIS Online

05-08-2015 10:23 AM
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I have a feature layer with a related table that I'm successfully able to populate via ArcCollector.  I'm wondering if there is a way to edit/delete these records in ArcGIS Online.  It looks like I can edit the feature layer and I can delete fields in the related table, but I am not able to actually delete a record in the table. Thanks!

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At this time there's no way to edit related records via the ArcGIS Online map interface, but you can get at them via the REST service for the table.  In the Contents, click on the drop down arrow on the right next to the related table and choose Description, and then at the bottom of the page look for Delete Features.

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Editing related tables via ArcGIS Online is not supported at the time.

You can either do it in ArcMap or in ArcGIS Pro. In ArcMap, create a local copy of the feature service, edit, and sync your changes. In ArcGIS Pro, you can directly edit the feature service. Both ways don't work (well) if the data has Guid field due to an existing bug (BUG-000089105 ).

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Has there been any updates to allow the ability to delete records in a related table that is in a hosted feature layer?  I have a hosted snow plow route feature layer with a related table for plowing reports.  The plowing reports are being added using Survey123 and Collector for ArcGIS.  I would like to ability to delete table records from the related table. 


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AGOL now allows this.  You have to set the Hosted Feature Layer to allow for Delete both when you publish it to AGOL and again in the settings in AGOL.

I think the same is available in Portal 10.6

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How do you set allow for Delete "both"? I have Pro open, I have my layer and the related table loaded in the map. I choose publish web layer, their is no option or even a mention that the related table is going to be published so how can I set allow delete both?

It's unclear how you have achieved this?

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Duncan, sorry for the delay. 

I didn't get a notice of a reply. Hopefully you have this working?

On AGOL, you go to the hosted layer and Settings. I'd imagine you figured that out.

I think the confusion on the publishing side is that I initially published my hosted layer to AGOL via ArcMap and not ArcPro. In ArcMap, when publishing the service, in the Feature Access dialog box, one of the Operations allowed is Delete.  I think if you don't have this checked then you won't be able to set the same up on AGOL.

In ArcPro, you have to click on the Configuration tab of the Share as Web Layer and then Enable Editting and "
Add update and delete features"

Hope that helps.

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I have this checked, but it still doesn't allow for deleting related records in a table.