Does anyone else collector app crash using the Samsung (SM-T335) tablet?

11-21-2017 07:44 AM
by Anonymous User
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We have had issues in the past capturing images on the Collector app using our Samsung-T335 Tablet.

Each time a crew member attempted to attach a picture to an asset on their map it caused the app to crash. We found that the crews could at times attach an image if the tablet was rotated 90 degrees clockwise before the image was captured, however, this was also very temperamental and caused the app to crash more times than it would actually work.

We have since tested additional tablets and found that the Samsung tablet (SM-T335) would allow images to be captured without causing the app to crash. However, we are now experiencing issues with the web maps not loading. We are able to login to the app and select the map tile to work off of the maps live but each time a map is selected, the tablet either crashes immediately or freezes when the base-map and features are loading which causes it to crash (images attached).

We have checked that the app is up to date in the android play store in addition to clearing its cache and rebooting the tablet.

Can anyone offer any further advice?

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