Documentation for Versions and Replicas created by Collector?

12-07-2017 02:43 PM
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Is there any documentation out there that explains how replicas and versions are created, synced/reconciled, and deleted by the Collector app? I found this tutorial that explains that a version is created when a user downloads a map for disconnected e.... However, I am looking at my SDE database and I can see that there is both a replica named Ags_Fs and a version named Esri_Anonymous_PublicWorks/Sig. I am looking for a clear picture of the chain of events that collects, stores, and distributes edits among the various branches that Collector creates.

I ask because I'm writing a Python script to automate the synchronization of edits overnight. I have 2-3 desktop editors and 2-4 disconnected editors with iPads. I need to make sure I understand the right order of reconciling so that all edits safely make it back into the DEFAULT version of the parent database.

I can write the Python script, so I'm not looking for coding help.

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Because we are using that two way SDE replica at the top end of our workflow we seem to have less issues than when we were mixing "office" versions with "collector" versions in our main SDE.  That said, our Collector SDE replica never gets down to state zero and we do run nightly compress/sync tools.  It usually stays in the mid-teens range and has not caused us any issues staying there.  Every 6 months or so I completely kick everyone out, delete all version, delete all replicas and get down to state zero just to clean out cobwebs a little.  The longer the maps seem to stay on the ipads (months) we start to see little issues or sometimes have trouble syncing. 

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I have a similar workflow and have issues reconcile and post in a python script. It works in arcDesktop but from a script I often get this error:

[5/15/2020 11:31:11 AM] Warning: Error reconciling version DBO.JMorris_Treas/TaxReversionParc.[Another application is currently editing the version. [DBO.JMorris_Treas/TaxReversionParc]]

Any idea to stop the error?

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