Custom URL to Launch Survey123 from Collector/Explorer

12-16-2019 09:06 AM
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I am encountering an issue using a custom url to push over attributes from a web map via collector or explorer, and launch Survey123 with those attributes carried over.  I am using a feature layer as a non editable layer, but push over the attributes from there.  In the apps the layer is not even acknowledged as having a pop-up.

When I check the web map in ArcGIS Online it say "the value entered is not valid", with a yellow warning triangle.  However it goes away and the popup will launch Survey123 on the desktop and work from the web map on a either iOS or Android via a browser.

In the apps when it has the problem.

I am trying Explorer Version 18.1.2 on an Ipad Mini with the most current operating system.

I am trying Collector Version 19.2.0 on the same Ipad Mini.

I used Collector Beta on an Android device and same issue, but using "Classic" no problem.

Did I miss something?  Is this a Tech Support Issue?

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Both iOS and Android classic versions work fine.  Non-Classic versions bomb.

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