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Custom Forms in Collector

08-25-2015 12:12 PM
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Hello!  I see announcements and websites that seem to depict custom forms being integrated into Collector.  I didn't think this type of capability was avialable yet.  Was that released in 10.3.3???

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It depends what you mean by custom Greg - you can create pretty comprehensive forms from your feature classes right now, but you can't do the 'smarter' form things you might want (e.g. if A then ask B, if C then ask D, E and for a photo) right now.

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Yes, if they could add logic to the forms (similar to survey 123) and the ability to print and the ability to collect without login this would be the perfect tool.  Still a great out of the box tool for data collection and I am sure there are financial reasons for not having some items.

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Thanks for the posts!  I am aware of building forms in these ways

* Using Domains in our Geodatabase to allow a user to choose from a pick list

* You can change minor things such as field labeling etc. using Attribute table aliases

This has worked well though we are eager to see more form building capability like you'd have in ArcPad and other products for the same reasons others above stated.

I ask cause I've seen sites like this one:  Welcome to iFormBuilder, GIS Professionals!

That seem to have really cool forms attached to Collector.... Or is this an iOS SDK app that just looks a lot like Collector?  Thanks!!

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