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crosshair cursor disappears in ArcGIS Collector

01-26-2021 10:27 PM
New Contributor

      I work on a project that integrates between Collector and Survey123. The integration is done through [URL -Schema] technique. I collect data and draw some polygons and points on Collector then click on each point and open Survey123 through a [Link] imbedded in each point popup. At last, after filling the survey form, Collector is opened again through a call-back function.  

     The Problem is that the crosshair used to draw shapes in Collector, disappears after opening Collector again from Survey123. It is not a usual error, some times it works and appears perfectly, and other times it malfunctions and disappears. When this error happens, I had no choice but to close the application and reopens it again. Does anyone happen to observe this issue before?

      Collector Version 20.2.1. (Not the Classic Collector).

      Android Version 8.0.0.

      Survey123 Version 3.9.149.

@IsmaelChivite , @JamesTedrick , @Anonymous User  Kindly could you help in this issue, 

Thank you all in advance



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