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Creating a work order from Collector Data

05-18-2016 05:14 AM
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Is there a way to create work orders from Collector Data. For example, during a meter inspection there is a need for repair. If a specific field or fields are populated that would trigger a work order/report for that repair. Is this something that I would need to create on the back end within SQL or is there another way?

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I haven't used this product yet. It's not automatic but your field person could use it to create work orders. What is Workflow Manager?—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop

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Look at this:

Workforce for ArcGIS

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Hi Kerri,

Yes, you can create work orders from Collector data.  One way to handle this is through the use of Python; we've published a set of scripts that show how to create new assignments in Workforce for ArcGIS.

GitHub - Esri/workforce-scripts: A set of scripts to help administer Workforce projects.

I'd recommend having a QA/QC step where you can ensure that the field worker has entered all the correct information to trigger a work order or assignment to be created and that you check for duplicate records.


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Hi Craig,

There are many scripts on that page but more specifically which script allows you to create assignment (work orders) from collector data?

Workflow: Person in the field using collector changes status of priority to "1", then a work order is created in workforce.