Confirmation Regarding Post-Retirement Availability of ArcGIS Collector on the iOS and Android App Stores

12-02-2021 03:19 PM
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Hello All, 

I'm seeking confirmation regarding the post-retirement availability of the ArcGIS Collector application via the iOS and Android mobile app stores. I recently submitted Esri Support Case #02938167 for a determination on this question. See the attached screenshot of the case resolution: 


As you can see, the support representative clearly indicates that the application will no longer be available for download from the mobile app stores post-retirement. However, I found conflicting information provided by Esri Contributer Jeff Shaner in the following posts:

I am wondering if anyone has a definite answer to this question and can provide documentation, as this may have broad implications for a variety of Esri customers. 


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UPDATE: I received a follow-up e-mail this morning that clarified that the initial determination was incorrect, and that the applications in fact WILL be available for download via the mobile app stores past December.