Configure an attachment to work as pop up in web map

02-26-2016 01:14 PM
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So i started playing around with Collector and looking at the ability to include attachments...and wow that was easy.

I was pretty impressed at the ease of it and how seamlessly it was integrated with the web map and web app that i made to go with collector.

However i have a few questions

1) how can i set up my web map so that when some one is viewing the attachment it will work as a pop up and not be downloaded?


2) how can i access the attachments that were collected with Collector in ArcGIS desktop?



The service is hosted on our server, not arcgis online if that matters.

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Hi Randall,

1)  Try the following script:

Show Attachments in Web Map Popup

2)  Make a connection to your ArcGIS Online Organization in ArcMap by going to File > Sign In.  In the Catalog window, you will have 'My Hosted Services'.  You can add the service to ArcMap and view attachments through an identify.  If you need to download the service (including attachments), take a look at the following tool:

Show Attachments in Web Map Popup

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Hi Jake,

Thats about what i want to do. however i should add and i am going to change my post to reflect this but the services are hosted on our server not on ArcGIS online.

Does that change anything?

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