Collector - Unable to delete or update features offline with feature service on our server

07-16-2018 01:59 PM
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My organization is wanting to take a layer that we have in our enterprise geodatabase and use it with Collector in an offline setting. I follow the steps here to setup my layers for offline sync capabilities without using versioning. This entails adding Global IDs and enable archiving. I add global IDs through the tool and enable archiving. 

I then publish the layer to my server and select all capabilities including add, delete, update, sync, and query.

I create my web map and download it to collector. While connected to the internet, I can add, delete, and update features like normal. When I download the map, the features and everything downloads fine. I can add new features, but I cannot delete or update attributes offline.

When i try to update an attribute it says, "Unable to Update". When I try to delete a feature it says, "Unable to open the database file - Create virtual table for selection failed."

Any idea where I might have missed a step in configuring the data or publishing?



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Did this ever get resolved?  I am having the same error.

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We are also now getting this error. Was there a resolution?

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Emily, I had have several users that would receive this error on Android devices while working offline. The solution was to turn off wifi and cell service while attempting to delete the feature. I would be curious if that worked for others as well.

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Hi Steve,

I have several surveyors on field using collector, They also received this error. 

Now after reading your solution, I asked them all to disable the mobile data or wifi connection and bingo its worked for me also.. Thanks for your knowledge sharing

But do you know why this error comes up? 

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