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Collector Sync Issue

10-17-2019 05:01 AM
New Contributor III

We have had a sync issue (probably related to trying to sync over a poor wifi signal in a remote location) and are trying to recover some lost data. We are using ios with the new Collector build 19.1, and syncing via AGOL hosted feature layer and working offline. Our data consists of points with photo attachments. All other syncs have worked, it was just one day that we had the failure, and I was told that there was no error at the time.

I tried everything mentioned in this article for ios How To: Access offline edits from Collector for ArcGIS directly from an Android or iOS device. I got the runtime geodatabase out of iTunes and converted to FGDB using the Export XML Workspace Document, but can not see all of the data that was collected on the day of the failed sync. I have also tried using the Feature Service sync in ArcGIS Pro - the sync works fine but the missing data is not there.

Are there any other ideas for how I can maybe find these lost data points? It is not very many, maybe 15-20 points, but would be nice to at least recover the photo attachments.

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