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Collector - Read only feature service

11-19-2016 10:22 AM
Esri Contributor

Hi everybody

I have some troubles in my Portal, I will explain

I created a map that consume a feature service with all operation enabled, this map will be used for the field crew on inspecions in general. As part
of this map I have a Polygon feature class related (using relationship class Composite) with a simple table.
I would like to share the same map with a departiment (lets call Department_A).

So I Created a group in my Portal named Department_A and a new role using the visualization template in my Portal the role's name is Viewers.
Everybody that works on Department_A has a role named Viewers.

When a Shared my map with the group Department_A All users member of Department_A only can view the map and cannot apply edits through Portal Web Map. Works nice!

But when a user member of Department_A open the map through ArcGIS Collector, they can apply new edits and delete features, so, it doesnt works like on my Portal.
I thought I'm going to publish a new feature service on my ArcGIS Server, but a Read-only service just with Query and Sync capabilities enabled. I create the new web map with the read only feature service
but when try to access the web map using the ArcGIS Collector, the map doesn't appear. I can't see the map.

My environment is

ArcGIs Server 10.4.1
Portal 10.4.1
Oracle Database 12C

Can someone help me with this issue?
Am I doing something wrong?


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