Collector paired with VRS network connected Trimble R2's on Surface Pro's having a compatibility issue

04-02-2018 07:07 AM
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Hello all,

I am trying to use Collector with a VRS network corrected Trimble R2 GPS receiver on a 2017 Microsoft Surface Pro running Windows 10. I can connect the R2 and everything else just fine on the Microsoft device and through the Trimble GNSS Status app to connect to the VRS network (through NTRIP). The problem i'm running into is that once I'm in the Collector environment Collector will not display the NTRIP corrected positions, only the SBAS positions for some reason. (which is not accurate enough)

It is worth noting that I have gotten this exact same setup to work flawlessly on our iPad Pro's. Unfortunately, the agency I work for needs to make these work on Surface Pro's because of the power and functionality that they offer over iPad's for field crews.

Because the iPads are able to run this VRS/R2 setup so effortlessly I suspect that it can be done somehow on the Surface Pro's as well. Is this issue i'm having just a matter of settings adjustments on the Surfaces so that NTRIP corrections can be displayed in Collector -or-  is NTRIP connections just not supported by Collector on Windows 10 devices?

I assume i'm not the only one trying to use this particular configuration and I've been trying to make it work for over a month, so any info on this would be a huge help.



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Hi Jessy,

This is a known limitation with Collector and Windows. See the bottom of the page here:

GPS receiver support—Collector for ArcGIS | ArcGIS 

"For the Trimble R2 receiver on Windows, Collector can't access locations with RTX or local base station corrected locations via NTRIP. Collector can only access autonomous GPS fixes and SBAS corrected locations."

If this is a major issue for your organization, I encourage you to open a Support case or post this to the Geonet ideas page so we can track the number of people effected. Thanks!

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I ran into this a while back.  I was able to resolve this issue by enabling the “High Accuracy NMEA Output” option on the R2.  The code for this upgrade is free, but has to be requested from Trimble Support (through a Trimble dealer).  After enabling this option, the R2 will provide the correct NMEA message for Collector when using an Internet/NTRIP based correction on Windows 10.

You can find your local Trimble dealer contact here:

Where to Buy | Trimble Geospatial 

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I am trying this now, i'll let you know how it pans out.

Thanks for the assistance!


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You were spot on. It took me a while to get the code from Trimble through my local dealer but once it was added, voila! Not sure why Trimble keeps it such a secret... it seems to work great once set up correctly.

Much appreciated.