Collector: One table related to multiple Feature Classes

03-20-2018 09:31 AM
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Hi guys,

I am trying to use Collector and related tables in the following way:

I have two Feature Classe: EQUIPEMENTS LEVEL 1 (suppose EQ1_A and EQ1_B)  and one EQUIPEMENT LEVEL 2 (a table, not a Feature Class), let's call this one EQ2

I need to relate both EQ1_A and EQ1_B to EQ2 with a 1:M Relationship Class.

I created GLOBALID in EQ1_A and EQ1_B.

I created a GUID Field in EQ2

I created both the relationship classes (origin: EQ1_A and EQ1_B - destination EQ2 - primary key GLOBALID - foreign key GUID Field).

I published the map with EQ1_A, EQ1_B and EQ2 with ArcGIS Server 10.5.1

I created my map in Portal with all the three classes in the TOC. 

I enabled PopUps

I consumed the map with Collector.

I can see the relationship only for EQ1_A and not for EQ1_B.

Then I tried to create two different Feature Services one with EQ1_A and EQ2 in the TOC, and the other one with EQ1_B and EQ2.

I composed the map with the two different Feature Layers and I am able to see both the relationships.

Is that the right way to manage a table related to multiple Feature Classes/Object Classes in Collecotr? I couldn't find documentation about this particular situation.


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We noticed this behaviour only on Collector (Windows version). On iOS things are working fine. We'll try on Android, too.

Any comment by ESRI Staff should be great!

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We tried to work in our Windows’ Surfaces and several relationship won’t be honored. We did not get any Error when verify the service before publishing.

Then, I read the other comment, and loaded Collector to my iPhone and worked perfect. I can see all the relationships honored to the layers.

I wonder wether someone has reported this already. 

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Saw the same thing today on a Windows 10 device. I can only see one of the related feature layers (the one I cannot edit) and I cannot add a new record to the editable related. On an iPad, it works just fine.

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