Collector on Iphone 5s - Error downloading map to work offline

07-14-2015 07:21 AM
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Hi I am trying to work offline using collector  but each time i try to download the map i get a message saying the i need to enable "Background App Refresh". When I click on Settings to do this, i can see that this option seems enabled, however grayed out.

After re opening and retrying i get the same error.

Could you please confirm how i can resolve this?



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Hi Susana - Any luck with this issue?

I have the same issue with an iPhone 6 Plus, although my Background App Refresh is set to off, but like yours, it is greyed out and I cannot change the setting.  When I tried to take a service offline, Collector threw an error saying that I need to enable background refresh, but then it actually downloaded the data and worked offline.  However, when I tried to upload changes, it threw the same error but did not perform the upload.

Are you working with a service behind a firewall by any chance?  I am connected through VPN/SecurID to our ArcServer behind our firewall, and thought that maybe that is causing the glitch, but I haven't found any documentation or user experiences on that yet.  However, if I disconnect from VPN, I still can't change the setting, so not sure if that is really an issue.

I'll update here if I find anything.  (Currently at the UC, so hopefully I can find someone with knowledge on the issue.)


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Susana - Ok, here was the solution for me, and probably for you as well.  There are two places to set Background App Refresh - (1) in the Collector app settings (that's the one we were looking at, which was greyed out), and (2) under Settings / General / Background App Refresh where you can turn off refresh for all apps at once (which I had done to conserve battery life, but had forgotten that I did that).  Hope this helps.