Collector : Offline use with layer that is not sync-enabled

04-05-2016 12:12 AM
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Hi Peoples,

Is it possible to add a layer to a Collector Map that is for read only, and thus not sync-enabled.  My reading and testing would indicate that if you want to take a map offline, then all the layers need to be sync-enabled feature layers.  This would require me to enable archiving and add GlobalIDs.

Would be ideal if I could side load a layer, the same way I can side load a basemap.

Am I missing something here?


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Hi Mark-

There are a couple of ways you could include read-only data in your offline map.  Both will require the service to support sync.

1. In the web map, disable editing on the layer you want to be used as read-only.  Information within the work area you specify will be downloaded, but will not be editable from within Collector.

2. At the service level, restrict capabilities to just support Query and Sync (remove create, update, and delete capabilities).

The first option is probably the easiest and most flexible approach for most scenarios.


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Hi Doug,

Thanks for the response.

I was really trying to avoid sync enabling a feature class - that is going to cause me a real headache.  I also have performance issues, so I was hoping to side load onto the device and thus not have to rely on internet connections.

Being able to load say a shapefile to the device and add to the map would be a huge advantage to us in this situation.



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To those still following this; indeed it would be hugely valuable to better enable contextual (read only) data layers to work offline in Collector (and other ESRI Device Apps where appropriate - i.e. Survey123).

We presently publish the majority of layers as read-only to our Enterprise Portal (v10.6.1 at time of this reply) from NON-ESRI Enterprise Geodatabases (SQL Server) as Query Layers.  We're running in to trouble even publishing these with Feature Service (let alone with Sync / Extract).

This would be a huge enhancement and make the utilisation of the ESRI technology stack for any organisation even more complimentary - which I understand is a large strategic direction of ESRI.

Am very interested in hearing more in this space from Vendor or the Community!\