Collector Offline: Points Change to Polygons

03-23-2017 03:52 PM
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I am experiencing a weird bug(?) with Collector. My collector is set up to collect either points or polygons of vegetation areas. In service, Collector has options for  Points layer 1, Polygon layer 1, Points layer 2, Polygon layer 2, Points layer 3 (Image 1). When I download a basemap for Offline use, it switches to Polygon layer 1, Polygon layer 1, Polygon layer 2, Polygon layer 2, Points layer 3 (Image 2). This is occurring in my iPad but not my Android device.

All feature layers are hosted in AGOL and shared with my group. Attachments enabled, Editor tracking enabled, all of the options are the same and captured in the Image 3 below. 

Does anybody know what is going on? The weird thing is that Points layer 3 still shows up as a point feature layer. Any ideas? I couldn't find any threads addressing this. The images are taken from an iPad. 

Bonus points for how to change the subheadings beneath the layers (Layer 6, Invasive Weeds, Layer 4, etc.)

Image 1 Image 1

Image 2 Image 2

 Image 3

Thank you!

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