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Collector Offline - not active

03-07-2014 06:29 PM
Occasional Contributor
According to this site ( ArcGIS Online maps can be taken offline for offline capturing using Collector. My AGOL map is Offline Enabled ([ATTACH=CONFIG]32032[/ATTACH]).

I cannot see where to enable this in Collector. I am currently on Collector for ArcGIS 10.2 for iOS. Is there a newer version that is not yet on the AppStore?
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Esri Notable Contributor
An update to the apps is coming very soon. This property will allow you to take maps offline that meet the offline requirements.

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Occasional Contributor
Great, thanks Russ.

I thought it might be something that I was doing wrong. Looking forward to the update.
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New Contributor II
Offline mode for Android is up and working - I used it for the first time this morning.

It is not showing up on my iOS devices yet.
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New Contributor III
iOS is working perfectly at my device this morning:-)
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