Collector - Measurements snap to roadway

05-16-2014 08:55 AM
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We have Agriculturists measuring field borders and at times the field polygon snaps to the roadway, rather than staying where the four-wheeler and iPad are measuring.  Any help with this would be appreciated.
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Working on the same project.  You can certainly see when this happens, you get a nice straight line instead of the obviously GPS edge (photo attached).  This appears to be a common, but solvable, problem with iOS apps.

This is just one example I have found thus far:

We are going to test turning off data services and slowing down a bit to avoid the "snap to road" feature

I've confirmed that it is not snapping to another feature in the web map.

Any input would very helpful!

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Please take a look at this blog for a status update,

Collector for ArcGIS (iOS) Updated 


Hope this helps,

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