Collector Maps, neither downloaded nor connected, never update to show updated list of coded value domains

07-09-2019 09:29 AM
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My Feature Service was published with only a couple coded value domain options for the "Origin County" field. I assumed that I would be able to add the rest after publication. I did so using the ArcGIS Online interface:

After adding a new domain value here I am able to see the new domain in the layer definition. I am able to edit values in the data table and webmap to use this new domain value and create new features directly in ArcGIS Online using it. The new domain does not, however, ever appear in Collector. I had downloaded a webmap with this layer included for offline collection and this did not seem to get updated even if I used the "Refresh" menu option in Collector. It did not update if I deleted and re-downloaded the map. What's more, another map which was not downloaded to the device and was connected while being used also did not show the update. When I create a brand new webmap after the update was made to coded value domains this still somehow only shows the original two domain values for the field when viewed in collector. I have tried deleting all application data for the Collector application from the Android settings menu, signing out and back into Collector on the device and even deleting and reinstalling the application - nothing seems to get rid of the original feature service definition which had just "Butte" and "El Dorado" counties in the coded value domain list. Where is this persisting version of the feature service definition and how can I push an updated version of the FS to Collector users connected to the service? 

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