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09-05-2016 03:48 AM
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i need some mandatory fields in collector that doesnt allow the user to submit unless he inserts data inside.

before publishing i added "no" in "allow null", but this wasnt reflected in the collector app.

should i do something else?


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Collector pre-populates fields that don't allow nulls with a value - text fields will have a space inserted, numbers will be set to 0, dates will be set to December 30 1899, etc. This means a user can submit a feature without inputting anything, unfortunately.

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Hello again,

Thanks for your helpful reply.

Im now facing another issue.

I want my map to be used offline, here are some details about my webmap:

  1. im using 3 feature services, 2 of them for editing and one only for displaying (i can replace this one with a map service if needed)
  2. im using the following service as a basemap: and i have a username and password for it so it should work fine
  3. i enabled my map to be used offline
  4. im getting this error in the middle of my download: "Unable to download the map. Requested operation is not supported by the service"

What might be the problem?

thanks in advance.

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