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Collector layer not accessible: value type "value_int32"

11-02-2016 09:16 AM
New Contributor III

We have in AGOL a published map to use in Collector. It is shared with the organization.

Opening the map in Collector (v for Windows 10) we get an error saying the layer is not accessible (error bellow).

Opening that map in the same version of Collector for Android it works but we need to have it running on W10.

Cannot find description for the layer access error: "expecting value type to be value_int32".

Anyone with this situation?

Layer error - value_int32

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New Contributor III

Check the domains assigned to your fields.  We encountered the same error (and only on Win10, not Android or iOS) and were able to resolve it after we found a DATE field in the feature class that had incorrectly been assigned a coded value domain.  We removed this domain from the DATE field and the error was gone.