Collector Layer Error in IOS

10-01-2019 07:14 AM
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Wondering if this is a known bug or if anyone else is having this issue:

I have several maps that consume a hydrant Feature Layer. This hydrant layer fails to load and throws a 3079 error code in Collector on Apple version 12.4.1 and higher. It DOES NOT do this in IOS 12.3.1 or 9.3.5 (the other devices that I have to test it with.)

It is also perfectly fine and loads/functions as expected in Android devices. 

I am not having any issue with any other layer that I have found, just this one. It is a feature class with a related table (Hydrants with a maintenance table)



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I know this is kind of an old post but I'm hopping on to say I think I'm dealing with the same issue.

I have a web map that I use in collector that relates multiple instances of one main feature class to multiple different tables; essentially many layers with the same base information, and then each gets layer-specific data from a joined table. Currently running ios 14.3 and I'm getting the 3079 error for all of my layer.

All of ESRI's documentation currently indicates this is a problem experienced by Hosted Feature Layers, but I'm consuming this map in our organization's portal, and the layers are a Feature Service published from ArcPro (Not a hosted feature layer).

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