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Collector: I don't have access anymore to my list of answers (from the form) on the mobile app?

07-15-2016 02:08 AM
New Contributor

I use Collector for Arcgis, I have a map that is avaliable offline with a form. In the form, you can chose between a list of answer (I crated domains and coded values in arcgis Desktop before) . It was working well. Two days ago, it wasn't possible anymore (with the mobile) to have acces to the list of answers in the form, I could only write text to every questions. On ArcGis Online, the map is working well and I have access to the list of answers. I use Samsung Galaxy s4 Mini. However, my map still works on IOS (I phone 6).

I tried to delete the map, download it again, delete the application, download it again... Nothing works.

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