Collector - How to edit a point which is in the same location as another

01-11-2018 01:47 PM
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Hi all,

Possibly a really easy question to answer and I'm just having one of those moments but... if I have two point features in the same layer within the Collector App and I want to make edits to one of them, it only seems to allow me to select and edit the 'top' one, i.e. there doesn't seem to be a way of choosing which one you want to make edits to. The data is ecological features which relate to trees, hence multiple points being at exactly the same location. Is the inability to choose which point you edit by clicking on it just a limitation of Collector or is there a way to choose which one you edit?

Hopefully that makes some sense and thanks in advance if you have any solutions.


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Hi David,

When working with Collector on a phone, upon selecting an existing feature in that map that contains coincident features, in order to see the popups for the underlying features, you just need to swipe the result to the left and scroll through them. This is a little easier on a tablet, since you're presented with a list to pick from, but due to the smaller UI on a phone, you need to swipe through the results.

Let me know how that goes.



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In addition to Kevin's info, you can also view all the features in the location as a list on the phone:

  • On iOS, tap on the tab of the list (the pin icon, if you are identifying them by tapping on the map) or drag the first result up on the screen.
  • On Android, tap the list icon (to the left of the X).

From the list, you can then select the feature of interest.

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