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Collector from Microsoft Store

04-12-2021 12:37 PM
by Anonymous User
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Hello All,

One of the guys in my field collection crew uses a Microsoft Surface Tablet to collect hydrant information in Collector. For some reason, the Collector app no longer displays the main layer when you go into the collection map, and displays the error "Subtype field name is is required for subtypes." which is bizarre because there are no subtypes enabled for that particular layer. Another weird thing is that the map loads all of the layers when opened in Collector app within a mobile device, but not within the surface or desktop version. I made sure that none of these errors were coming from our server and it seems particular to the Microsoft Store App version of Collector. Has anyone else had a similar issue?

Thank you!

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New Contributor

ESRI hasn't ported the latest versions of Collector to MS Windows 10. iOS and Android both have new releases but the version on the Microsoft app store is still Collector Classic I believe. As a result you may be running into a backwards compatibility issue with Collector Classic. From what I understand Collector Classic limits the ways your map layers can be symbolized vs the newer versions on iOS and Android which allow more functionality. From what I've heard ESRI is tossing around the idea of dropping future development on Windows 10 for Collector and just pushing forward with the mobile OS versions. Make sure your account rep knows you definitely have users on Windows 10 and you're running into compatibility issues having Collector Classic clients trying to consume services configured for newer versions of Collector. If enough users communicate those needs back perhaps we can get them to bring the Windows app up to the same version.

There's some info on the version differences here: What's new—ArcGIS Collector | Documentation

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