Collector Freezing

08-05-2015 01:55 PM
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Anyone experiencing Collector freezing for up to 5 min during disconnected editing?  My field guys have been using brand new iPad's and this issue is fairly new.  Could the size of the feature service downloaded to the iPads be the issue?  We also have the latest version of the app installed.



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Can you provide more information about when this freeze is happening in the device? I.E. is it happening when the web map is just opened or are you performing certain tasks within the application that initiate the freeze?

It appears that the issue is happening on multiple iPads - can you confirm this? Are the same offline web maps causing the issue or are you seeing it with all web maps being consumed on the device?

When downloading a web map to your device, you are essentially creating a replica of the data that are in the feature services in the web map - so the larger the dataset (think features and attachments), you may see some delays when accessing the downloaded map.


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The freezing was happening when the field staff were collecting (points & attachment photos) then saving to device. 

We ended up deleting all of the data and the app.  We re-installed and so far it hasn't froze up.  I'm assuming there is a cache issue that was causing it. 

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This is absolutely possible as we're currently working through the issue with Esri on Android - take a large area offline, experience long freezes when dealing attachments. Esri are working on this though and progress seems to be good.