Collector for ArcGIS - Structural Symbol Rotation is not honored

05-18-2018 09:54 PM
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The structural symbols I defined on the feature classes are rotated  and display correctly on my Webmap after publishing my map document to Portal for ArcGIS.

However when the map is opened in Collector, these symbols on the feature layer loose their rotation.

This issue is very important to our organization's field geological mapping workflow. Is there a workaround this problem? If not, are there plans to incorporate this in the new Collector Aurora update slated for 2018 Q2?


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Aziz, did you ever find the solution to the problem? I was just having the very same issue and found the solution by publishing the feature service from ArcMap (Version 10.5.1) rather than from ArcPro. Give that a try and see if it works. 

ESRI - Why does publishing a feature service from ArcPro disable the rotations in Collector? I published the exact same feature class from both ArcMap and ArcPro, the resulting feature services both rotated the data properly in the AGOL map, but only the feature service published from ArcMap rotated the data in Collector. This seems to also be the case for being able to view attachments in Collector. 

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Hi Zach.

Good to hear that someone else in the community thinks this is very important.

I did get to my point geological symbology to rotate properly in Collector Aurora and not Collector Classic which was my problem.

I also published from ArcGIS Desktop and did not try it in Pro.

We are using ArcGIS Enterprise.

There probably maybe some bug in Pro.

I will try at some point to test that and let you know if I come to the same problem with Pro.



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by Anonymous User
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Did you use a similar method in ArcGIS Pro to rotate symbology or did you go about enabling that symbology in a different way? Esri Support may be able to look into this further and see if this is a bug.

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Hi Dan.

I have not tested it with Pro…. But it did work with Desktop

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I have a feature layer that represents bus stops. This feature layer is used in Collector Classic by our Operations department who inspects the bus stops. The stops are symbolized by a square and by a field called "Current" which lets the Ops. department know if the bus stop sign is current (green square) or not (red square). If the stop is a park & ride lot, a field titled "Rotation" gets a value of '45'. If it is not a park & ride lot, the field is populated with a '0'. This is used in the ArcGIS Online rotate symbol function that requires a field to rotate on turning the park & ride symbol to a diamond. The symbol is displayed correctly in ArcGIS Online, but the rotation is not honored in Collector. Is there a fix for this?

Miguel Fernandez
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