Collector for ArcGIS: Name Attachment Based on Another Field?

06-03-2019 11:29 AM
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Here's the situation:

We are monitoring easements and each easement has multiple points where a photo needs to be taken at. I have set up a Collector layer in which I have the project name, a description of the point, and an attachment. It works great.

Now we need to be able to bulk download all of the photos locally and move them into a folder where we can tell easily what project they belong to. I'm envisioning the naming convention as ProjectName_1, ProjectName_2, etc (because each project will have multiple images). I've got the Python script to do the bulk download, and it works, but the attachment names are "photo1," "photo2," etc. I know I can edit the image name manually at each point, but when the person who is monitoring these areas are out in the field, they aren't going to want to (nor have the time to) enter the project name twice, one as a part of the attributes and the other the photo name.

I've tried playing around with the tables in ArcMap to see if I could create a new field, do a join, use Field Calculator to populate the new field with the project name, and edit the Python script to read that new field as the name, but the GlobalIDs aren't matching up. I think it has something to do with the relationship table, but that's purely a guess.

So, what do I do next? Any easy way of getting to where I need to be? Or should I scrap it and try something else? This is a test, so I'm not losing any data.

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