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Collector fields say "required" and Pop-up title shows field name (bug?)

07-13-2016 03:09 PM
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This happens every now and then and I finally got an operator to grab a snapshot.  The fields have a hint of 'required' which is strange because you can't even have required fields in Collector (I wish you could).  Also, instead of showing what's in the field, the pop-up title will show the field name.  A simple restart fixes this but it is very annoying.  Anyone else see this?  I am unable to reproduce.  This is a related table.IMG_0244.JPG

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Did you happen to republish and overwrite an existing feature service? It has happened to me when I made database schema changes and republished and overwrote an existing service (because the layers in the map were pointing to the wrong layers in the service) 

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This is exactly what issue I had. Thanks for your reply. 

Here's what happened to me: 

- Made schema changes

- Republished and overwrote existing service

>>> this is where the "Required" issue occurred in some of the domain fields

- Removed layer from map and then added it again 

>>> "Required" issue  no longer present

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Interesting that it's setting the hint to that. While it's not a supported or intended option for Collector currently there is a way to enforce required fields. We have brought it to ESRI and it is deemed more of a BUG than working solution but it is currently a repeatable process. Some of our staff Anthony Clark did a great write up on it that is far too long to post here but if you want to email me at we can pass it along for you to try

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