Collector edits failed to sync, retrieved gdb from device - how do I sync these back to the retrieved gdb of hosted feature service?

04-06-2018 05:36 AM
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Collector (as it often happens in my experience) failed to sync offline edits back to the hosted feature service. I retrieved these offline edits to a new geodatabase (offlinesync.gdb). I have also retrieved the current version of the hosted feature service (featureservice.gdb) to add a new field and change symbology in ArcMap, so currently there are no further edits being made in the field and featureservice.gdb will replace the current hosted feature service once it is ready.


I would like to sync the edits in offlinesync.gdb to featureservice.gdb, is there any way to do this?



There were two editors out in the field, and they edited the same records at different times for different (and sometimes the same) fields and added attachments (photos) to related attachment tables. I would like to keep all attachments and all edited fields from either editor with the newest edit taking priority. is there any way to do this automatically, or am I going to have to get dirty?


Thank you!

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