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Collector 'Disconnected' Synchronization to Portal

05-21-2014 07:21 AM
New Contributor II
Collector could be a great tool for disaster response assessment. However internet connectivity is often non-existent in these situations. Is it possible to configure Collector and Portal for ArcGIS for 'disconnected' synchronization of data?

For example, if an aid agency were to capture building damage assessment details using collector, could they synchronize the data back to Portal without an internet connection - via a local network?

Many thanks
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Bump. Same question here, little or no wireless access, and in an organization that has a non-negotiable no-wireless-device on network policy. Seems like you can install a lot of complicated and barely working hacks on iOS and 'Droid that allow you to reverse-tether a USB to LAN connection, but again, emphasis on the word "hack", which won't fly with any IT rules. I assume that ESRI is targeting collector to low-tech deployments, I guess their answer to this would be "If you want that functionality, go buy ArcPad (and the extra staff you'll need to manage ArcPad headaches).
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