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collector csv wrong dates and times

03-28-2017 11:45 AM
New Contributor

created a feature service. Used Collector to collect point data in the field.  Have a DATE field and Collector places a time by default.  Done collecting field data.  Go to Arc Online, download the data as a CSV file and DATE field sometimes has incorrect date, but mostly off on the time collected by a couple hours.  Field name is DATE in File geodb. Any clues? Answers?  Much appreciated

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MVP Alum

AGOL uses UTC time by default.  Collector will convert the date/time using the computer or phone's date settings. But to correct the date and time in the downloaded data, you will need to add/subtract your time offset from UTC.  Search AGOL or ArcMap help documentation for "geodatabase time".

You also indicated that the field name is "DATE".  Field names should not use SQL reserved words.  If you want it to show up in Collector as "DATE", you can use the description/alias for this purpose.