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Collector Continuous Attributes?

12-27-2016 10:31 AM
New Contributor

Working with Collector and have a related table to my point feature, when I change SETTINGS in Collector to create another point with same point attributes, continuous atttibutes, it does not work, the dialog does not appear to duplicate point with attributes at different location, etc.  Could it be that I have a related table which does not allow 'continuous' functionality or is there a way to set-up map on ArcOnline (setting) that I am missing.  

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Esri Contributor

Hi Mike,

Thank you for sharing that information/feedback. This is a known limitation that we're aware of for iOS and Android. When/if a feature layer has a related table, continuous collect is no longer available in that map in Collector. This effects the entire map and other layers, not just the layer with the related table. The support for continuous collect with related tables in the web map is considered to be an enhancement and not a defect for iOS and Android. It should be resolved in a future release, however I don't have the specific details at this time for when that will be.

Thank you.


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