Collector can't create new features for layers with relationship classes (other than those associated with attachment tables)

03-27-2018 06:09 AM
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This is very frustrating.. because there is apparently no reason for it. I finished uploading a hosted feature service that contains 7 different featureclasses, additional attachment tables and some relationship classes.

I have enabled editing in the hosted feature service settings and all layers in the web map I created to contain them:

This allows me to add new features in the web map, however, when I attempt to do the same in Collector, I can only add features for HEP_Lines and Locations..


I have discovered that I cannot create new features in collector for features with relationship classes (excluding the relationship classes esri uses for relating features to attachment tables). This only affects creating features in the Collector app, NOT in web maps. It seems quite inconvenient, and I wonder if there is a workaround other than removing all relationship classes from the geodatabase except those for attachment tables..

Any suggestions are welcome and greatly appreciated!

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I have a case where  feature data sets in SDE that is versioned and thus editable, consisting of various feature classes with attachments enabled and published as an editable feature service to arcGIS server and served through Collector. The collector app allowed attachments to be included that are then stored in the SDE feature class attachment tables. Upgrading arcSDE to Oracle 12g resulted in 2 of my 6 datasets for some reason loosing the attachment links in collector and arcgis and the ability to upload attachments in Collector. A support call with ESRI is attempting to re link the relate and attachment tables from the previous old database.

The link to photo attachments also stopped in the online map. 

I will need to republish map services and create new feature datasets of the 2 that got "broke' links it looks like.

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Old thread, I know, but I recently had the same problem.  I couldn't find a solution in the docs, so I thought I would post my solution for future searchers.

In my case, and I suspect the OP since our symptoms were identical, is that the feature classes need to use GlobalIds, and the related records need to be related with GUIDs to the the GlobalIDs.

I'm guessing that the web map works with non-GUID based relations, because it is directly editing the master database, when if a new record is created, there is no ambiguity.  However Collector can be used offline, in which case a non-GUID based id would be insufficient at protecting against clashes when the data is synced.

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Did you try the Related Types setting in Collector?  It will filter related on purpose.

Not sure if that is your issue, just a guess.

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This solution worked for me.  Thanks!

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