Collector Basemap won't download for offline - AppFramework Error 9

02-05-2016 07:39 AM
by Anonymous User
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Hi- I'm hoping someone can provide some guidance.   In Collector, I'm trying download my basemap (esri imagery with no labels) to prepare for offline data collection.  However, when I try to "Download a Basemap" in collector and "choose work area", I get the following error message: 

"Map Download Failed. A layer does not have the correct editing capabilities. The operation could not be completed. (AppFramework error 9). 

Any help is much appreciated. I'm stuck.

Thank you!


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I would move this question to Collector for ArcGIS

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Mind sharing some information?

Are you using ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS as a web map?

Are there any other layers in the web map besides the basemap that you are trying to take offline?

If there are any hosted feature services, can you confirm if they have all supported editing operations - create, update, delete and sync?



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After you have followed Aravind's helpful tips, make sure that the basemap that you are using in your web map is downloadable.  Bing basemaps, for example, will not work offline.  ESRI has provided maps that are downloadable for use in collector.