Collector - auto-populate field when point, polygon, line collected with auto-incremented numbers. Constrain fields based on other fields.

07-29-2020 06:50 PM
New Contributor II

I am trying to generate an automated incremented field with a predefined prefix when a point,line or polygon is collected. I have managed to do this using attribute rules but when I publish this data to AGOL and use it in collector offline it does not autopopulate. Does this mean that attributes rules are not supported in collector (i thought this would be where they would be the most useful)? Is there another way of doing this? I need fields populated at the time of data collection while working in the field. I would like to build more smarts into the data collection including constraints/contingent values and a friendlier primary key. As an aside - Would also love fields only to show if a value is selected from another field (especially when the feature class has a lot of fields but not all are required at each field station and it's just more for the field worker to have to scroll through when only a few fields may be relevant) .

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