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Collector App - tables related to related tables! cant see them!

04-27-2017 03:08 PM
New Contributor

I am hosting a feature service on ArcGIS server, with a structure like this:


Point feature class

Related to

Service table

Related to

Meter detail table


...which is essence is a relate to a relate. I can see this meter detail table as a relate to a relate in AGOL map, AGOL web app but not in collector. Is this a known function that is not available in collector, and should I restructure my database, or am I missing a setting?

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Nadine,

Unfortunately we need more information to go from to see what the problem may be. Collector does support nested relationships. It is important to note that only GlobalID based relationships can be maintained by the software for you. For example - the relationship between the Point feature class and the service table would need to be modeled using a GlobalID field as the primary key on the Point feature class and a GUID field as the foreign key in the service table. Likewise in the service to meter table. 

If you do not base the relationship by GlobalID/GUID then the relationship can be viewed in Collector but it cannot be maintained by the system (you will need to maintain them).

I hope this helps and if not, please reach out!

Thanks for your post!


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New Contributor II

Hello! Has there been a solution identified for this particular issue? I am having this issue with a point feature class related to a table (using the GlobalID/GUID relationship keys) using a hosted feature service.

This problem only occurs with NEW point features. If I have existing points, I am able to add related features and view the results.

I can share my feature service if necessary. I will also send an e-mail to the Collector group.

Thanks in advance!


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Esri Regular Contributor

Hello Kristina,

Are you unable to add new related records, or are you unable to see them listed as a related record when looking at the feature? When you add new point features which present this issue, is their GlobalID field populated? Feel free to share the service and web map with my account "scottprindle" and I will see if there is anything that stands out about the data or the relationship. If needed, we can also get a case created with Support to investigate this issue further.



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