Collector App for Android - Latest Edition July 2014

07-14-2014 04:57 AM
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Hi Guys,

Lets hope I have this in the correct place, my first go on the new discussion groups.

My colleagues and I have android devices updated with the latest release of Collector for ArcGIS, and we have an issue...

Offline content symbology has changed from that of the published webmap, the symbols get replaced with numbers and exclamation marks - online mode works fine once you sync and remove from the device .(as far as I can tell)  See below Offline first Online second image

Any help is appreciated ....


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Can't help much with specifics of your Collector question.

But, you've placed it into your "personal" space, where it will get brief notice, but likely never answered.

Suggest it would be better if you had placed it into an active GeoNet Space, Sub-Space or Group . The GeoNet Help‌  has documents with layout of the forums--GeoNet Community Structure

A little hard to locate but in Applications, looks like it would do best in the Collector for ArcGIS‌ sub-space of All Places -> GIS -> Applications -> Collector for ArcGIS.  You can move this discussion to there using the Move button under the Actions listing located in the right column of this page.

Tagging looks OK but might want to add "symbols" or "symbology".

Also, not sure why you've chosen the name "Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources" though, probably makes more sense to establish your own "identity" on the GeoNet.