coded domain values problem in Collector

11-08-2016 02:35 PM
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I have a point feature that I have several field crews collecting data on. I set up a coded domain for one of the fields and then symbolized off this field. 

I have had crews collecting data for almost a year with no issue. But today, noticed that the text is now numeric for the majority of my data. 

Things I have checked -

  • This is not a sub-typed field
  • The domain has the same value in the Domain as it has in the Value\
  • There isn't a specific date where the issue started to occur, data collected on 10/03/16 and 11/04/16 has the right value, but then on 10/28/16 it jumps to a numeric value.
  • It isn't a specific user that is triggering the issue
  • When I look at the data in Collector, the values ALL show with the text, not the number. But when I look at the data in a Web Map or when I download the hosted data from AGOL, the numbers are there.
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Did you get any answers or fixes to your problem?  I have a very similar situation as yours...... I have a related table in a an AGOL hosted feature service.  The related table has subtypes and a few coded value domains.  For one column which uses a domain, the data display in the web app is the numeric value.  In the other columns the displays is the text value. 

Its quite weird and frustrating.......


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I think what I have figured out is at one point, I had messed around with the JASON - it was before ESRI made it much easier to adjust the schema of a hosted service. My conclusion is that the numbers match that in the rest service's "Type ID" (the order in which the symbology is drawn).

We also found that if you export the table to a CSV the text that we wanted stays, despite it looking numeric on the web map. 

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