Code 6 Illegal State?

06-05-2019 10:01 AM
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Up until recently, we have been able to cache our Collector Maps offline. Now the maps start to download then fail. Our maps are comprised of ArcServer hosted features and a ArcGIS Online hosted feature to allow the feature to be cached offline. The ArcServer hosted features have Archiving Enabled and have global IDs.

We are using the new version of Collector on iOS.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what might be causing this issue or have a work around?

Thanks for your help!

Error in Log Screen shot

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Hi Chris,

There have been issues noted in the past with the workflow of utilizing copied layers offline. The short answer is that this is not recommended practice for offline maps. Alternatively, you could use Feature Layer Views, outlined in this blog.  

Similar issues have been discussed in the following thread:

Map Downloads with Collector Classic but not the New Collector

UPDATE: Cannot create offline area if Webmap has a copy of a layer in new Collector for ArcGIS

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The layer was not a copy. I believe the issue may have been on the ArcGIS Online side, as the issue resolved without any solution on our end.