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Cannot create .tpk from ESRI's tile-enabled basemaps

05-22-2018 12:32 PM
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I am trying to create a .tpk file to use offline in Collector for ArcGIS. It looks like I should be able to use the World Imagery (for Export) basemap from ESRI. 

I added the URL path for this layer to ArcMap, but when I tried to generate tiles, I got an error message that this layer type was not supported. 

I then read through the comments on the World Imagery (for Export) layer, and one commentator said they could not generate the tile package in ArcMap, but that it worked in in ArcGIS Pro. However, when I run the "Create Map Tile Package" tool in ArcGIS Pro, I get the following error message: "Layer type is not supported: Layers/World_Imagery"

I have confirmed that I am referencing the tile-enabled basemap layer ( and that I am signed in with our organizational account.  Is it actually possible to export tiles from this layer for use in a basemap offline?  If so, how and with what program and/or tool? I have a Basic subscription with the Spatial Analyst extension.

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In ArcGIS Pro 2.2 (next release) the portions of the service you reference can be download using Download Map functionality on the Map Tab.   You could also take a look at Tile Package Kreator  FeatureGuide1.2.pdf - Box 

Which allows the creation of TPKs from the same service.

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ArcMap 10.1 can do it if you have access to that.  I kept an old 10.1 around for years just for this. 

(This actually really caused issues for us and our developer.  We were counting on it then they shut it off in 10.2 and on.  Even as a Esri partner our developer got nowhere with tickets and escalation.  Each dept blamed the other for turning it off and we never did get a fix or answer. )

There is another hack.  If I remember right you had to add the layer to a Mosaic Dataset then cache that MD.  This hides the source from ArcMap so it takes it. 

Then ArcPro came along and it seems to work just fine caching a service.

Be careful though because a run away script can get you blacklisted by the Esri data host.  Happened to us!

Also be aware I have 5 open bugs on the Caching tools - mostly using a AOI - for 3 years and counting now.  So issues may come up. Create Tile Package is the slowest but also the most reliable.

Good luck.

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