Can't Login to Collector (Android)

11-28-2019 08:48 AM
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I know this is not a new question, but can't find whether there were any solutions to the problem. I have an ArcGIS for Personal Use License, Organization setup, and social logins set in the organization settings. I setup my AGOL account credentials authentication via Google.

When I try to login to Collector on my Samsung Galaxy Note, the Google authentication will not work (get error message). 

When I try to login with my google account credentials in the AGOL username/password boxes, they do not work. 

When I select forgot password, I get an email from ESRI saying I used Google Authentication to setup my account. 

That's the issue: Google authentication WILL NOT WORK in Collector.

I also tested this with the Workforce App and Survey123. Interestingly, Survey123 successfully authenticated via Google but Workforce did not.

This is frustrating since I've used all of these apps in the past. I've uninstalled Collector and re-installed, but no success.

Has anyone had these issues (I know there have been some posted on GeoNet) and what was the solution to fix?

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